It’s getting hot in here….

Whilst, as the song lyric goes, ‘…now take off all your clothes’ might be one solution it is not one at Creideasach we can advocate to clients, especially not in the workplace!

The UK Health Security Agency and Met Office recently issued the first yellow heat-health alert in 2023, for the period 9-12 June inclusive. The expectation is that this will be the first of many as we head through the summer months.

Whilst there is no legal maximum temperature for workplaces, heat is classed as a hazard and should be treated like any other workplace hazards with risk assessments being employed.

In this regard the Health & Safety Executive [HSE] has issued guidance on simple and cheap measures that can be undertaken including:

  • Ensuring workplace windows can be opened or closed to prevent hot air from circulating or building up;
  • Using blinds or reflective film on workplace windows to shade workers;
  • Ensuring workplace stations are away from direct sunlight and other heat sources;
  • Offering flexible working patterns so workers can work at cooler times of the day;
  • Relaxing dress codes where possible.

As with any management of risk it is important now to discuss with workers changes that can manage the risk moving forward.

To review the full guidance please see link below: