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With the current maximum compensatory award for unfair dismissal standing at £93,878, or a year’s gross pay if lower, and an uncapped maximum for sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief, and age discrimination, it is important for Employers to be well represented by trusted Emplyoment Tribunal Lawyers.

Each Creideasach Specialist has considerable practical experience in dealing with every aspect of an Employment Tribunal case. They are able, on behalf of a client, to lodge an initial response, interact with the claimant’s representative, interact with ACAS, respond to or request an order for production of documents, prepare witnesses, research all relevant case law and legal precedents, and prepare the bundle of documents. On the day of the hearing, the Specialist is able to deal with evidence-in-chief, cross-examination, re-examination, summation including the discussion of relevant case law and legal precedents to defend the client.

All Creideasach Employment Tribunal Lawyers have access to an extensive reference system detailing all statutes, statutory instruments and case law containing legal precedents, thereby assuring clients of a first-class representation.

Our Specialists are also experienced at representing clients at Employment Appeal Tribunals. Our Creideasach Employment Tribunal Lawyers can represent Employers throughout Central Scotland.

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Policies & Procedures

Our Specialists are able to draft, review and/or amend any of your business policies and procedures.

Contracts of Employment

Our Specialists are able to draft, regularly review and/or amend client contracts of employment to ensure legal compliance.

Advice & Consultancy

Our Creideasach Specialists are always on hand to offer advice regarding employment law/HR issues.

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Our Creideasach Specialist implemented all of our contracts of employment and policies and procedures to ensure legal compliance and is always on hand to deal with any day to day HR issue.
Managing Director
Property Maintenance Company, Bathgate
We would recommend the Creideasach Unit Purchase Scheme, it has proven unique in enabling us to decide how we utilise our Specialist’s time.
Transport Company, West Lothian
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