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Well crafted employment policies and procedures will go a substantial way to restricting unwarranted disputes. Our Specialists are able to draft, review and/or amend any of the following employment policies and procedures. This is by no means an exhaustive list, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Employers must ensure that they deal with short and long term absenteeism in a timely fashion and with fairness and consistency. Too often Employers are penalised by Employment Tribunals for failing to operate a standard attendance policy, combining return to work interviews with medical assessments and where appropriate, disciplinary action. In particular, Employers must always be mindful of the Equality Act 2010 in any action they propose to take.

All Employers should be aware of the importance of having an effective disciplinary policy and procedure in attempt to counter unfair dismissal claims. A failure to have or to adhere to such procedures can result in an Employment Tribunal increasing any unfair dismissal award by as much as 25%.

Legislation governing discrimination and detrimental treatment on the grounds of sex, race, and disability have defined workplace relationships for some time. More recently, new discrimination rights governing sexual orientation, religion or belief, and age discrimination have come into existence. Employers must protect themselves by ensuring that their standards are clearly set out and communicated and that employees are treated with dignity and respect. A well written and communicated Equal Opportunities Policy can go some way to achieving this goal.

With the recent introduction of rights to paternity leave, parental leave, time off for dependants and extensions of the right to maternity leave, it can be difficult for Employers to keep track, but this they must do, if they are to avoid the costs of non-compliance. The need for properly written and implemented employment policies has never been greater.

Employers should ensure that an employee feels able to raise any matter concerning their employment with their Employer.  Grievances are best dealt with informally, in the first instance, by employees being encouraged to approach their Line Manager except in circumstances where the issue concerns their Line Manager when the Formal Grievance Procedure should be adopted.

A Formal Grievance Procedure should be clearly written to enable employees to raise matters, and for Employers to be able to resolve matters, without re-course to Employment Tribunals.

With the demands on Employers to react ever-faster to their markets, the use of the internet and e-mail has become an invaluable communication tool. However this tool is not without its problems and Employers must ensure that employees have easy access to a policy clearly outlining parameters on usage and what is and what is not acceptable, if they are to avoid abuses.

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Our Specialists are able to draft, regularly review and/or amend client contracts of employment to ensure legal compliance.

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Our Creideasach Specialists have experience in dealing with every aspect of an Employment Tribunal case.

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Our Creideasach Specialists are always on hand to offer advice regarding employment law/HR issues.

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Our Creideasach Specialist implemented all of our contracts of employment and policies and procedures to ensure legal compliance and is always on hand to deal with any day to day HR issue.
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We would recommend the Creideasach Unit Purchase Scheme, it has proven unique in enabling us to decide how we utilise our Specialist’s time.
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