The Gathering



Creideasach is delighted to confirm that it will be holding the first session of ‘The Gathering’ on Tuesday, 21st February 2023, 10am to 11am, via Zoom (no software required).


This session will be conducted by Steve Maguire and will commence with a short review of unfair dismissal law before opening to a Q&A for all attendees to ask, and hopefully get answered, their queries on any Employment Law / HR matter.  This session is only open to the clientele of Creideasach Employment Law Specialists and will be conducted over Zoom and last for one hour. If you are interested in attending please email and a link to the meeting will then be sent to you.


The cost of the session is 0.5 hours per individual attendee and this will be deducted from the Company’s Creideasach Block of time. Clients are welcome to have more than one of their employees involved in the session with the same discounted rate of 0.5 hours being deducted per individual client attendee.


The Gathering will be convened every two months with the next event being held via Zoom on 25th April 2023 with further information to be advised.