Bill introduced to maintain minimum levels of public services during strikes

The Government will introduce a bill in Parliament today with the objective of ensuring minimum safety levels during strike action.

Laws requiring a minimum safety level in public transport were muted in the Conservative Party’s 2019 Manifesto but the Government is wishing to extend this requirement to five other areas: Education; NHS; Border Security; Fire and Rescue; Nuclear Decommissioning.

Whilst consultations on minimum staffing levels are to commence imminently, it would appear that Employers would be able to issue a ‘work notice’ stating the workforce required. Employees named on the work notice would lose their protection from unfair dismissal should they then strike.

MPs will get a chance to debate the bill at its second reading scheduled for next week. Should the bill pass in the House of Commons where the Government has a sizeable majority it will face greater opposition in the House of Lords where numbers are tighter.